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Chelsea Table & Stage

 "In an intoxicating performance at the chic and trendy new nighttime hot spot Chelsea Table and Stage in New York City on September 22, 2023, Randy completely killed it...  Clive Davis celebrated Empresario entered the venue with his cool entourage... The crowded room was noticeably touched and silent as Randy tributed Davis with the story of his quintessential song “A Weekend In New England” (as recorded by Barry Manilow). While in the UK Randy received a long distance call from Davis requesting that very song for Manilow, and the rest became musical history forever, while the rocky beaches of New England’s shore road the wave of success."

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"Everything Is Possible"

On August 31, 2023 Randy's song of hope, joy and inspiration was unveiled via the legendary Chicago House Music Trax Record label and entitled “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE” by Randy Edelman Feat. Grandmaster Melle Mel. That very song will be unleashed simultaneously by Randy Edelman “solo” via New York’s Tribeca Records.

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Hall Of Fame

September 30, 2023   
Regent Theatre

While waiting for his story of “A Weekend in New England” to end on the long rocky beaches by the bay, composer Randy Edelman’s contribution to the music of New England has come full circle via his induction into “The New England Music Hall of Fame...”

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Live at Chelsea T&S

After celebrating nearly 2 years of live performances by Randy Edelman one might think that perhaps some enthusiasm might have dimmed or at least wavered. But like a powerful avalanche suddenly crashing down upon an unsuspecting mountain, his unadulterated energy caused complete exhilaration that rocked the venue and everyone in it...

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BMI "Jam Sessions'

On the eve of St. Patrick’s Day in New York City, several BMI team members were treated to a late-night solo performance by 2003 Richard Kirk Award winner and BMI icon, Randy Edelman, at the trendy new club Chelsea Table + Stage. The sold-out crowd was excited to see Edelman, who began doing his solo show, Around the World in 80 Minutes...

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Virtuoso Verses Violators

"What happens when you put a master VirtuosoRandy Edelman, one of the greatest composers of modern times, possibly of all times, alongside The Violators Unlimited..."



Chelsea Table & State

"Composer Randy Edelman to perform at Chelsea Table and Stage in January. Randy will rock the house with his film and television medleys. Sat. Jan 28th 9pm..."



“The Beast Inside”

"The self-exorcism themed horror thriller was honored to have the iconic music composer Randy Edelman both write and perform the instrumentation for the feature. Both the film and the soundtrack are set to be released later this year..."
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Review-The Pretty Girl Tour @ The City Winery

"Randy’s music is defined by virtue and integrity and forged by the force of life itself. After composing over 100 motion pictures, the biggest pop songs for the most iconic artists..."


Composer Randy Edelman honored by City of New York

"Randy Edelman, was was presented with the honor of a proclamation from the city of New York thanking him for his many contributions to the cultural mosaic of the city..."


“Randy Edelman's
On Time reviewed”

"The entire album burns with melody, it repays listening with the joys of tunefulness, and provides the sweep of a a masterwork with the intimacy of not quite knowing..."


"Live Review:
Randy Edelman

– From “A Weekend in New England” to a Grande Finale Climax In Times Square to SoHo in New York City


“Around the World In 80 Minutes”

Aug 28,
City Winery, The Loft
6 PM Doors / 7:30 PM Start


“The Return of the Downbeat Guy”

June 11, 2022 The Camden Club "After rave reviews to sold out audiences in New York, Randy will showcase the soundscape of his incredible journey..."


“Around the World In 80 Minutes”

Rady Edelman Debuts “Around the World in 80 Minutes” @ “Green Room 42” in NYC ..."
 NY Daily News Online

"Ghostbusters II"

Listen Here
now available to stream and on CD format today from Sony Classical


“A Life In 80 Minutes”

Chelsea Table + Stage Presents The Return of Randy Edelman – film composer and pop songwriter – in Rare Solo Concert.read more

Chelsea Table & Stage

 Hilton Fashion District Hotel, 152 W 26th Street, Manhattan, 10001, on Saturday February 26th 2022 @ 9:00PM EST
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"How Could I Let You Go"

“All I can say to you is welcome to my nightmare…” and so begins our trip with one of the great songwriters and composers..."  read more


"How Could I Let You Go"




Hollywood 411 News

Just named
“The Best Live Set of 2021” by RockNYC...

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Hollywood Digest Music Artist Picks of the Year


Rock NYC-Best Live

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